Introduction to computer and internet


Many people use computers and, therefore, the net as the simplest way of human activity with the world. Others surf the web to shop for things whereas some individuals produce websites as a part of their business. You’ll use the web to seek out sample sentences and connected info. Computers are an important part of today’s era. They create dominant and exploitation devices quicker, easier, and a lot of correct. They’re in everything from cars to laundry machines. A PC could be a machine that receives input (data) in raw form, performs the process, and produces output (information).  Users of the PC are viewed as variations of input–processing–output. This is often as true of advanced tasks, like PC simulations of weather events, because it is of common ones, like writing a letter. If the input contains errors, the output can contain errors too. Typically computers get corrupted. However most “computer errors” result from humanly possible errors or bad information or dangerous programming.


Types of computers;

The computer with that you’re most acquainted, and, therefore, the one with that you may most likely have the foremost direct contact throughout your life, is that the PC. However, you may have indirect contact with different, larger computers. Personal computers are available a good style of designs and sizes. Some area unit designed for the desktop, with a beam tube or liquid crystal display monitor cut loose the remainder of the PC.  Laptop computer computers and private Digital Assistants (PDAs) grow lighter and sturdier with every re-creation. Laptops area unit compact with built- in liquid show monitors that offer crisp displays. Most hand-held computers area unit used for a selected purpose, like taking notes and sending or receiving messages.



The Internet is that the world system of interconnected PC networks that’s accustomed and share knowledge. The net is often used for several various things, from reading and causation piece of mail (e-mail) to storing knowledge and surf riding the planet Wide Internet (WWW or Web). There are alternative ways to attach to the net. The explanations for numerous choices are a convenience, location, speed, and price. The smallest amount costly thanks to getting on-line is to use a dial-up affiliation between a customary connector and an electronic equipment.

Some Digital Subscriber Lines (DSL) need a special phone line. Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) lines need a special ISDN adapter and electronic equipment. As a result, each service value over regular public utility. What is more, phone line and ISDN aren’t obtainable altogether areas.


To access pages on the online, users should use an internet browser. A browser could be a package application designed to attach to and show pages from the online. Samples of browsers area Microsoft web individual, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome.

Web sites from universities, governments, and news organizations area unit typically reliable, whereas a page with anonymous author or sources will be unreliable.

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